ESG Advisory

Create a Step-by-Step ESG Roadmap

Track, monitor and properly report material ESG factors to your stakeholders, rating agencies, and financial media.

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Our Process


Introduce ESG principles to Company management and educate key stakeholders on the evolving ESG landscape.


Conduct a comprehensive audit of Company's ESG profile, KPIs, peer analysis and benchmarking.

Strategic Plan

Deliver a customized comprehensive ESG report based on performed audit and develop a strategic plan to monitor and manage key indicators along the ongoing ESG journey.

Implement & Engage

Engage ESG-focused investors and ensure consistent updates to ESG communications and related strategy.


A one-stop-shop approach with the flexibility to create a customized program

ESG Reporting

ESG report aligned with industry best practices and most relevant reporting standards

UN SDG Alignment

Align Company's ESG strategy with the global Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations to help guide vision

Materiality Assessment

Analysis identifying the most material reporting issues to the Company and its stakeholders in relation to sector peers

ESG Scorecard

SWOT analysis and assessment of quantitative and qualitative data to address each material ESG reporting issue

Peer Benchmarking

Detailed comparison of Company's key ESG factors versus peers, based on sector and industry

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