ESGiQ™ Reporting Platform

Simplifying ESG Reporting

ESGiQ™ provides everything you need to develop and execute your ESG roadmap

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Designed Specifically for Customized ESG Reporting

Features include internal ESG rating tools, integrated mapping to the most widely-accepted standards, and user modes with tiered access for efficient collaboration

Assign KPIs Relevant to Your Company

Guidelines are scored by importance and materiality across  three levels 

100% flexibility of choosing standards (i.e. GRI, SASB, TCFD, etc.) and ability to input company-specific reporting issues

Pre-mapped with 77 sub-industries per SASB reporting standards and 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals

Internal ESG Rating & Collaboration Tool

Delivers a top-down overview of reporting progress and quality across five ESG dimensions

Drill-down into specific subsegments to view components and analyze trends over several periods

Indicators of how ESG metrics impact certain financial metrics and performance of the Company

User Modes & Report Generation

ESG project owner assigns qualitative and quantitative metrics to be viewed and answered by Management, employees and BOD

Tiered user modes with different permissions to determine what information each stakeholder can access

Create a Data Room as a central source of truth, consolidate disparate data points and eliminate manual tracking

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