ESGiQ™ for Auditing

Audit Your Company's ESG Progress

Leverage ESGiQ to audit your current reporting process, identify
gaps and determine actionable steps to improve disclosure

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Auditing Use Cases

Identify and fill gaps in adherence to the most generally-accepted reporting standards (i.e. GRI, SASB, TCFD and UN Sustainable Development Goals)


Decide on and prioritize reporting framework and standards


Use ESGiQ to software to properly report on each disclosure topic and metric


Identify the metrics that are most material to your Company based on sector and industry


Generate custom ESG ratings based on framework and discuss findings with management

Gap Analysis

Perform a gap analysis vs. the top rating agencies and methodologies of the top reporting frameworks

SWOT Analysis

Develop a SWOT analysis for your current reporting process and act on opportunities for improvement


Deliver detailed assessments with intuitive visualizations for management discussions and external distribution

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