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ESGiQ™ provides everything you need to develop and execute your ESG roadmap

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Automated ESG Reporting

Leverage ESGiQ™ 's Report Builder to automate a full ESG report or short ESG summary for internal and external stakeholders

Create a Step-by-Step ESG Roadmap

Build a beginning-to-end roadmap including scope, timeline and cost to guide your organization strategy

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Strategy

Leverage our ESGiQ™ advisors to calculate Scope l, ll and lll emissions, set carbon reduction targets and craft a net-zero strategy

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ESGiQ Reporting Platform

An end-to-end software solution that streamlines ESG reporting, data visualization, and stakeholder collaboration

Adopt any Reporting Standard

Our advisors help you determine which ESG reporting standards to incorporate - the ESGiQ™ platform helps you report on them (including SASB, GRI, TCFD, UN Sustainable Development Goals, and custom metrics)

Track Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Document Scope I, II and III emissions in compliance with SEC suggested best practices and track/analyze data trends over multiple reporting periods

Generate ESG Reports

ESGiQ™ takes all your inputs and automatically formats them into a custom ESG report aligned with each reporting standard code - making it easy for investors, rating agencies and other stakeholders to easily identify material items

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